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Chairman's Column 31.03.2023

Chairman's Column 31.03.2023

In a perfect world we would love Biggleswade United to flourish and proper because of the thousands of people clamouring to get into the Keech Hospice Care Stadium week in, week out to support our teams.

The reality, of course, is that while we are deeply appreciative of that fabulous loyal band of supporters that put their hands in the pockets on a regular basis so they can watch our games, the raising of monies from other sources other than gate receipts is essential if we are to able to function on a daily basis.

And that is why, as we approach that time of the year when we need to take a long hard look at that continual thorny problem of finance, we have appointed a new head of fund raising at the club.

Kay Manship brings with her an experience of grassroots football, management and team building in her role as Customer Service Specialist.

She hopes to hit the floor running firstly by assessing how the club is organised, where sponsorship is needed most, and then get to work with a newly built team by pinpointing and contacting those local companies that can hopefully help us to grow by backing us in any number of the ways we can offer them.

These can include things like shirt logos, advertising boards, team, individual player, match or programme sponsorships, or even the hiring of our clubhouse for functions, board meetings, or social events for their companies.

The message her team will be keen to get across to local businesses is that we are an inclusive club looking to create the most professional environment we can for everyone involved at the club to help both us and themselves thrive within the community.

She will seek to re-assure all potential backers that with over 70,000 followers on social media and frequent media attention locally, nationally and even internationally we are also in a position to offer them a return for their support and the guarantee that we can grow together.

This has been our template since I first became involved with the club just under 10 years ago and for six years we were lucky enough to enjoy the support of the international gaming company Nordeus who backed us with their Top Eleven brand (

More recently Winchmore Brickworks ( have become our men's first team sponsors, VEO Technologies ( the backers of our women's section, with Flawless Landscapes ( behind our reserves side and JMB Motorsports ( backing our Veterans side.

Our youth section also receives much welcome financial support with Surfin Cafe ( and Hear 2 Listen ( backing our Under 8 Reds, Reactiv8 ( the Under 8 Blues, Sarah Perkins Accountancy Service ( and Ak Builders ( the Under 13 girls side and Mobile Vehicle Maintenance our Under 14 boys.

But we always need more if we are to grow as we want to and all those interested can contact us at

Come and join us.

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