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Chairman's Column 29.08.2023

Chairman's Column 29.08.2023

There is so much more to running a football club that goes way beyond the erroneous impression that it is merely about two opposing sides in contrasting kits battling to score more goals than each other on any given day and time at whatever pre-arranged location.

Nothing could be further from the truth because while it is certainly true that we do it all for fun and for the love of the club, the reality is that while our teams may be amateur by name, our approach to how we run our club must always be seen to be as professional as it can be.

To that end, there has to be a structure in place at all levels be it as a volunteer, coach, organiser, secretary or director simply because the level of organisation, planning and sheer perspiration required needs to be evident so that all sectors of the club can function on a daily basis.

To ensure that we have a board with ten members representing the whole club including club secretary Tracey James, those who look after the clubhouse, yours truly as Chairman, youth and all senior team representatives.

We then have a senior committee that meets every six weeks and where all matters are raised regarding what is needed for the teams, any problems anyone might be currently facing, and general updates on how things are going.

Looking into the future we need to find the right format that will allow our Youth section to form its own committee that will facilitate their ability to raise much needed funds as well as incorporating a side that will be responsible for coaching and player development under the watchful gaze of our head of youth, Dan Watkins.

Our women's section headed by Giacomo Mallamaci is facing a year of transition after losing a number of our players at the end of last season after we were pipped at the post in our quest for promotion. But with a steady stream of talent coming through our ranks the future looks bright for both the Red and Blue sides, with the Reds hoping to achieve mid table respectability this campaign with a view to going on to bigger and better things in the near future.

Giacomo is assisted by technical coordinator, Dean Foster, with the Reds being run by Ashley Pead who is assisted by Amy Butler who also doubles as goalkeeping coach and UEFA qualified coach, Matthaios Sidropoulos.

The Blues which is very much the young developing side are run by Brad Jones and Pearce Hamilton and although they are a separate entity, both sides train together and the aim is geared towards a fluid coaching philosophy that can allow for an interchangeability of coaches between the two sides.

Our dreams are to eventually have a women's side in the National League and to have that predominantly made up of players who have progressed and prospered through the ranks in our women's section.

As for my role as Chairman I like to think that I dedicate myself on a daily basis on not missing out on a single opportunity to raise the profile and identity of my beloved Biggleswade United as high as possible.

My role is also concerned with fund raising and above all with listening to all sides and helping to plan for a better future.

The things that we value most in life are never achieved quickly nor without colossal effort and occasional setbacks along the way, which is why we prize them so dearly.

I have always said that together we would get there.

Onwards and upwards!

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