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Chairman's Column 25.12.2022

Chairman's Column 25.12.2022

What a year this has been! A year that saw our men's first team drag themselves clear of relegation from a league that none of us really wanted to be in, to a record breaking run in the FA Vase that has taken us just four rounds from a Wembley final.

The irony was of course that back in April had we been relegated in our last game of the season we would have had to move back into the Spartan League albeit into the first division. Thankfully we weren't and were moved anyway, but into the Premier Division and back to our spiritual as well as historical home.

We achieved the turnaround the only way possible namely by working as a collective, a unit. Our difficulties of last season were translated into challenges that we took on, and conquered, as one.

We gradually strengthened, improved and ultimately made it over the bridge and we will never be able to thank enough those players that stepped up to the plate and kept the flag flying when we lost just about all off our playing squad. Despite some of the thrashings we took in the process they kept the show on the road during the darkest of days and the stark reality is that without their support we probably would never have survived.

But that fundamentally has always been our ethos with all of our sides because over and above being a good player, to represent our club what is equally important is that all those that put on the shirt, should be good people.

Our men's first team have rallied and are now over the hump, with options in the league as well as looking forward to ameeting Coventry Sphinx in the fourth round of the FA Vase on January 14.

Our women's Red side are currently top of their league, unbeaten and edging ever closer to national league womens football,

Their victories are very welcome but not as important as the process that brings them about. Our women's blue side is not enjoying as great success but they are a younger side, still learning and building and hopefully at a rate fast enough that will see many of the players progress into the Red side as they gain more experience.

This greater collaboration between the two women's sides is for me the way we need to go if we are to achieve the best possible long-term success for our women's section.

Results wise, our men's reserve side have also not enjoyed the greatest of successes this year but are also blessed with a loyal band of volunteers and coaches and boast a dedicated group of young players who despite losing most of their league games this season have in the majority of the games been competitive. The spirit and commitment is there to ensure that they will continue to improve and prosper.

As far as youth is concerned we have the only girls side in Biggleswade and we are committed to trying to grow the youth section at our club. We currently have just five sides but we are getting more and more people knocking at our door as we look to grow.

The problem, as always, is the lack of infrastructure that our community constantly finds itself battling with although this is something we have to deal with while holding on to the belief that improvements are on the horizon.

As always hats off to all of our magnificent volunteers without whose help we simply couldn't function and to our loyal band of supporters.

And to all those people of Biggleswade who haven't come to see us I would say come and give us a try. Enjoy a beer, a soft drink or whatever takes your fancy in our clubhouse and take the opportunity of watching your local side inch ever closer to Wembley.

To everyone, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

See you in January.

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