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Chairman's Column 25.02.2023

Chairman's Column 25.02.2023

Here at Biggleswade United we have always believed that the main aim of our youth section is not to produce great footballers but rather to try to help youngsters become the best people they can be.

We always welcome young people of all ages, genders and ethnicity and have always said that we will only ever make promises that we can keep but more importantly keep all those promises that we make.

Those youngsters, parents and coaches who believe that joining the youth section of a football club is a pathway to fame, glory and soccer riches should know that it isn't and those clubs that claim that it is - very often raising hopes in exchange for large amounts of money - are peddling a falsehood, a cruel fantasy.

And they do so by trying to build the idea that winning is everything, losing is nothing. They are wrong.

In the words of Wilma Rudolph, the triple Olympic gold winning American sprinter of the early 1960s,“Winning is great, sure, but if you are really going to do something in life, the secret is learning how to lose.

Along the way to building better people at our club we need - no demand - commitment from all those involved in the process be they the coaches, parent and the players themselves.

We expect our coaches to lead by example, be structured, prepared and consistent in training, show respect to the players, supporters, referees and opposition they come into regular contact with and to build a safe and positive learning environment.

Similarly we expect in return similar respect to be shown by parents to all players, opponents, referees and also to the coaches themselves, because respect must always be a two way street.

Parents and supporters must always allow coaches to coach and encourage, support, encourage and, if possible, help with things like preparing pitches, running the lines and ensuring players arrive at both matches and training on time.

And they also need to realise and appreciate that they are as important and visible as representatives of the club as are the players, coaches and directors of the club.

And to all the youngsters that join us I would say arrive on time, be prepared and be respectful to all those around you and always represent the club proudly and positively in all situations.

And above all, win or lose, enjoy yourself, play the game with a smile.

If there are problems or grievances we have in place we have in place a Child Welfare Officer: Tracey James ( and also for football related matters the door of our head of youth is Dan Watkins ( is always open.

Come and join us.

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