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Chairman's Column 21.03.2023

Chairman's Column 21.03.2023

We are now at the stage of the season which either brings rewards or exposes your limitations and shows you what you need to improve.

Wherever you look at our club there have been lessons learnt and improvements made. Although we still have a long way to go we are definitely heading in the right direction.

Or men's first team are clearly better that they were last season both in their play but, equally importantly, in the spirit they have shown specifically in their last two games hitting a last gasp winner against Tring Athletic and then battling back from a 2-0 deficit to end up winning 4-2 at Ardley United last weekend.

The commitment, passion and respect shown by the players for the coaches and fans was heart warming and sent out the message that no one in the side considers the season to have finished and we are still in their fighting for every point.

Our reserves are a young side and have also recently found their feet after a sticky start to their campaign and have done so by playing the type of football we want to see in all our sides from the youngsters all the way up to the first team.

Our women's Red side lost in a County Cup semi-final to Bedford Ladies recently after what has been a season of change where we had to change our managerial team to ensure we were all on the same wavelength and we are closer to winning the league than we have ever been since we reintroduced women’s teams.

We still have to face current leaders AFC Dunstable three times and if we can get the better of them then we look red hot favourites for promotion to the Premier Division of the Eastern Region Women's League.

Our young blues Women's side are a work in progress with the emphasis on helping the players develop and hopefully challenge eventually for a place in the higher leagues.

We currently have five sides in our Academy and we are now getting calls from other sides that would like to come under our umbrella and as we write we are now looking at the possibility of having a second girls team in Biggleswade

As ever the major stumbling block to our growth concerns limitations surrounding our infrastructure because our limited playing facilities can only be stretched so far especially as we have to cope regularly with the vagaries of the English weather. Rest assured, however, we will continue to fight and make our voices heard in our attempts to improve things, not just for us, not even only for football, but for all clubs and sporting associations in the Biggleswade community who deserve better.

But despite this, all in all we have more than exceeded our expectations.

I know that we will prevail. Stick with us! The future is bright.

Onwards and upwards!

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