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Chairman's Column 07.12.2023

Chairman's Column 07.12.2023

Love it or hate it, there's no escaping the fact that these days social media is probably the single most important factor in helping to promote football clubs, especially those that operate at grassroots level.

For a club like ours it is crucial for many reasons. It enables us to share updates about what is going on at the club, on and off the pitch, engage with the community, promote events, and even find sponsors and in the past has helped us bring in new personnel be they players or other people involved behind the scenes.

Immediacy is the key to these platforms. In today's world it is probably the most effective tool as most updates, breaking stories, can all be found on social media almost within a heartbeat of them happening.

We currently enjoy 32,800 followers on X (formerly Twitter), 22,800 on Instagram, 14,500 subscribers on YouTube and 6,200 on Facebook.

It allows us to showcase different types of content and to reach out to a wider audience which in turn means we have great interaction from people of different ages, not just from Biggleswade, but from all over the world.

Here at Biggleswade United I am proud to say that nobody at our level does it better than we do.

Ari Bose from his base in India is our head of media. His roles, in addition to social media updates include graphics design, designing the matchday programme, live tweets and streaming, updating the website and also coordinating with the rest of the team to cater to their needs for the club.

Most importantly he liaises with Patri Gonzalez, and it would probably be quicker to list what Patri doesn't do at the club rather than what she does. Every Sunday, she organises the plan for the week on the socials managing the media requests from the different areas of the club so any event, fundraiser, or other need is included on the planning for Ari and his team to do their magic with the graphics.

She is also the programme editor as well as photographer and if for some reason she isn't required for any of those tasks, depending on the needs of the day, you'll probably find her working on the gate or behind the bar.

Bartosz Romanek works for us covering the women’s teams mainly through his match reports with Josh Russell covering all the media related to the Reserves side, Ryan Madden is matchday commentator and post-match interviewer while Nick Witcombe is home matchday announcer and joins Ryan commentating on away games. Nick and Ryan are also responsible for Biggytalks, a podcast about the club.

Do we need more people? Of course we do. Our ship will always sail faster with more hands on deck and there are so many aspects to just even a matchday, that our current team can on occasions get overwhelmed.

We would always welcome more people who are prepared to stay with us for the long haul because we will always be able to find them something to do. Anyone interested can contact us at

But to all those that we do have at the current time, my most grateful and heartfelt thanks You truly are the best of the best.

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