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Chairman's Column 07.10.2023

Chairman's Column 07.10.2023

I feel I need to address an important issue this week with regard to Club kit, particularly the Youth kit. Many parents are quite rightly concerned that although well into the start of the Season the Youth Teams have not yet received their kit.

Well before the season started our kit manager William Glasswell put tenders out for kit manufacturers who could custom make our kits (we want all the club kits to match the Men’s and Women’s Senior teams) Two companies stepped forward: Macron for the Senior Teams and Farrellys for Reserves and Youth. The reasons we settled on these two companies were 1. They promised prompt delivery – and in Farrellys case – everything is manufactured in the UK, so no problems with international hold ups. 2. Economically we could not afford Macron prices for the Reserves and Youth, but Farrellys offered comparable quality.

With both companies we have experienced delays. The Men’s First Team kit arrived on time from Macron as did the Reserves kit from Farrellys.

Unfortunately both the Senior Women’s team kit orders were late in being placed, as were those for the Youth. This was no-one’s fault. We couldn’t order kit until we knew how many teams/players we were kitting out. Once we had the numbers we then had to submit orders with the relevant sizes. All that took time and by then the season had already started. It’s fair to say that as far as the suppliers were concerned we were not the only club ordering kit and, naturally, those who ordered early had priority in the queue.

The result is that the Senior Women and Youth teams are still awaiting kit. Our kit manager chases it up daily, but despite assurances that “it’s on its way” it hasn’t yet arrived.

I am confident that the kit WILL arrive in the coming week or so and can only ask that everyone remains patient and bears with us until it does.

The clear lesson that we have learnt is that the earlier pre-season we can order the kit the more likely it is that we’ll have it for the beginning of the season. Next season will be different. I can assure you.

Meanwhile thank you parents and players for continuing to show faith in the club. We won’t let you down.

Now it's back to men's first team league business today as we welcome Tring Athletic to the Verdant Stadium this afternoon looking to get back to winning ways following a disappointing performance against St Panteleimon last week.

When we allow ourselves to be dragged into a game with long hit and hope balls that inevitably by-pass our midfield then we play to our opponent's strengths and there is always a very good chance that we will come off second best.

We need to revert to our essence because when we press high up the pitch, keep possession, are brave on the ball and move it around at a high tempo with quick incisive passes, we are a match for anyone in the league.

Onwards and upwards!

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