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BUFC partners with goTeam! app

BUFC partners with goTeam! app

In another progressive, pioneering move, Biggleswade United has become the first club in the country to benefit from a new app that chairman, Guillem Balagué says, "will revolutionize the way grassroots football clubs all over the world function on a daily basis."

Former Academy head, Fran Constancio is a member of the five man team that has designed the one-stop, goTeam!Sports app designed to create a template to clubs to operate at their optimum and achieve maximum performances for all of their teams from the firsts all the way down to the youngest sides.

A statement from the company said of the new arrangement with the club: "Biggleswade United and goTeam! Sports have arrived to an agreement for the season 22/23, where the whole club will be using the app. From First team, male and female to academy, every coaching staff and player will have access to the app."

Fran, the goTeam! Sports representative in the UK says the decision to set up the app with Biggleswade United was an easy one to make: “BUFC has been always a club that has worked differently, with their own identity and culture. The app is going to help the club to unify all their different sections, first team, women and academy and strengthen their culture even more.”

"Coaches from the Youth set up will have access to first team sessions, to develop their teams in the same philosophy. Also the management of the teams and the communications in between staff will be all run through the app, from coaching staff to players and also to the parents."

Club chairman Guillem Balagué added: "What is vital at any club is that everyone knows what is going on at all times and that we all sing from the same song sheet."

"This pioneering, ground-breaking app will help us to build that one-stop shop that will allow everyone at the club to keep in touch constantly with all aspects of all things that are occurring at the club on and off the field at any given time."

"We are truly privileged to be the first club in the country to be able to enjoy the benefits of this new use of technology which I am convinced will help us to grow in the way we would want to and achieve our maximum potential. I am convinced it will revolutionize the way grassroots football clubs all over the world function on a daily basis."

First team men's coach, Cristian Colás was equally enthusiastic: "One of the things we want to do most is make sure that our style of football - our handwriting - can be seen from every single one of our sides from the very youngest to our most senior teams."

"The chance for everyone to be able to work from a template like this is invaluable in helping us to achieve and maintain this."

Academy head Dan Watkins added, "The interaction between all coaches of all teams that can be achieved because of this app is absolutely vital for us if we are to move forward as a club as we would want to."

The main functions of the app will be to allow coaches to create their own sessions, game plans , activities and squad lists and share them through the app with players, design their own activities and then share all of these with all the players.

Coaches will also have access to a library of exercises and drills designed by professional coaches for goTeam! Sports,

Physios will be able to log all player injuries in the system, coaches and managers will create their own communication channels between staff and players and everyone who is registered will have access to the stats from trainings and/or fixtures, monthly or by season.

The app is currently being used by clubs of varying sizes in places as afar afield as Spain, Panama, Argentina, Chile, USA and Canada have started to use the app within their Academies and 1st teams.

It is now also available to all clubs in the UK and anyone interested in it should contact the English website on

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