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02.09.2023 Chairman's Column

02.09.2023 Chairman's Column

When we appointed Jordan Wright and Gaz Hunt as our new joint management team there were a few doubts expressed because of both men's lack of experience in football coaching.

Personally, I have always felt that sometimes experience can be overrated. An over-emphasis on the values of what has been learnt in the past can frequently lead to an inertia, an unwillingness to innovate, to look forward and instead rely on what served you well once, even though it might not necessarily be what is required to succeed in the future.

A lack of experience can be an advantage because it inevitably means that you have to learn on the job, appreciate the need to be flexible even as you make mistakes along the way, as you inevitably will. There is nothing wrong with making mistakes - they are all part of the growing process - although there is everything wrong about not learning from them.

From the start Jordan and Gaz gave me the impression that they had a clear plan in mind, they knew what they wanted to do and clearly showed me that they were players that had the mindset of coaches.

In training, warm-ups, pre-match talks and tactical adaptability during games they have shown that they possess in abundance those skills required to become very good coaches indeed.

But over and above all those vital attributes the most important thing they have built is a magnificent team spirit, a 'musketeerial' unity among the whole squad that has served us well so far this season and is one of the main reasons why we are still unbeaten in the league after six games.

It is still very much a work in progress and the essence of our game which relies on pressure high up the pitch, a high defensive line and a concentration on keeping the ball can still be improved although the indications are that we are heading very much in the right direction.

Sometimes we need to be finding that extra pass in midfield that can open up defences, learn not to rush things as we sometimes do, as well as be more disciplined so as to avoid unwanted cards that can accumulate and then create problems for us further down the road.

Our midfield is not the tallest, nor is it the most physical, but it is nonetheless perfect for the type of high pressure and quick release of the ball type of game that we are looking to play.

Up to now apart from the one blip against Bury Town in the FA Cup we have been superior to every team that we have faced.

We are scoring a lot of goals (18 in just six league matches) and importantly they are coming from all over the pitch. We are currently blessed to have a strong, and sufficiently big, squad all of who can make an impact at this level which is comforting in the event of players being unavailable because of work, holidays or suspension as is currently the case following Jaiden Irish's somewhat harsh red card against Tring Athletic which means he will sidelined for the next three games.

I am confident whoever is chosen to come in as his replacement will be more than up to the task not least because because the atmosphere and spirit around the club and the whole squad at the moment is superb.

We are currently top of the table, fun to watch and our attendances are creeping up. Long may it continue.

Onwards and upwards

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