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Introducing Biggleswade United!

Just like any functioning football club, we have a structure for the club. We are sharing it with you so that you can contact the relevant people directly for your queries and requests.

Chairman: Guillem Balague

The well known broadcaster, journalist and author, Guillem joined the Club as Director of Football in 2014. He immediately set about creating a specific ethos for the club based on intensive training and high level coaching. In 2019 he became Club Chairman. In this role he continues to encourage the club to evolve, whilst maintaining its core values of quality of play, diversity and sportsmanship.


Secretary: Tracey James

Tracey has been Biggleswade United’s club secretary for over 30 years and has seen the club rise from Division 3 of the Bedfordshire County Football League (Step 8) to the Premier Division of the Spartan South Midlands League (Step 5). The role of secretary within a non-league club is pivotal to the day to day running of the club and Tracey immerses herself in everything from marking out the pitch to advocating and lobbying for better sports facilities for the Biggleswade community. 


Investor Relations: Simeon Dixon

Fundraising & Commercial: William Glasswell

Finance: Brent Wilks, Karen Digweed, Tracey James

Head of Youth Football: Dan Watkins                                     

Youth Secretary/Child Welfare Officer: Karen Burgess

Hospitality & Venue Hire: Petula Hunt, Karen Digweed, Tracey James, Heather Rennie, William Glasswell

Grounds & Facilities: Heather Rennie, Steve Grenfell, Tracey James, Sam Humphreys, Derek Digweed, Darren Hunt

Physiotherapy: Bernat Puig Valls

Media: Arya Yuyutsu, a former ESPN journalist, our media man from India, Arya, is your point of contact for most queries relating to the club, be it interviews, announcements, flyers, posters, videos, live streams, or even just queries related to the club in general. 

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